Lake Kirby floods Abilene horse training facility


ABILENE, Texas - Flooding at Lake Kirby had a nearby horse training facility underwater Wednesday.

The seven horses at that training facility in the 4100 block of Maple Street were standing in several inches of water.

"They're up in the stalls right now, but it ain't working out so well because the water came in it," said Cheyenne Overton, a horse trainer. "We're trying to find them a dry place, but there ain't no where we can take them."

The water from Lake Kirby flowed into Cedar Creek behind the house, owned by Overton's grandfather, Kenneth Ruthford. They said at 8 a.m. Wednesday, the water was in their backyard. It rose throughout the day, and by the afternoon, it was just a few feet away from their house.

"This is the second time in about 40 years," Ruthford said.

High water shut the road down to cars on Industrial Boulevard between Treadaway Boulevard and Maple Street. All of the rain also shut down business for a fence builder who was turning around at that road closure.

"People aren't gonna let us walk through their soggy yard and track mud everywhere and bring heavy equipment in their front yard," said Aaron White.

The front yard at Overton's training facility now has minnows and crawfish swimming in it. They were looking for options Wednesday in case the water continued to rise.

"[We are going to] try to find somewhere or just stick it out," Overton said. "[We] hope to God it don't rain no more. If it does we don't know what we're gonna do."

We checked back with them Wednesday night, and they said the water had receded about a foot since the afternoon.

The horses, however, were still standing in about two inches of water.

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