McMurry professor reacts to Perry indictment


ABILENE, Texas - A McMurry University political science professor says Gov. Rick Perry should stand by actions that resulted in him being indicted on felony charges that he abused his power by pressuring a district attorney to resign.

"He (Perry) needs to wrap himself around the decisions that he made that led to this indictment and just as he has done, he needs to say I will do it again," Paul Fabrizio said Monday. "This is what a strong executive wants. This is what a strong executive does."

The indictment raises many questions about how this might affect any possible 2016 presidential bid by Perry.

"In the end, this is all about the presidency in 2016," Fabrizio said. "While the specific indictment relates to previous actions, since he is not a candidate for re-election of governor, it really only matters if he's going to run for presidency.

"Will this indictment keep him from running? Can he use this indictment to build up support for his run for presidency?"

Fabrizio also said the indictment raises a lot of questions.

"When is it going to go to trial?" Fabrizio said. "Can you imagine trying to run for the presidency and you have to go be in a courtroom? That is going to be really hard. What if Perry is convicted?"

In addition, Fabrizio said if Perry is convicted, it will bring many changes to the way future governors use their power to veto.

Perry will appear in court for a hearing on Aug. 22.