Mosquito population expected to rise in Abilene after rains


ABILENE, Texas - With a break in heavy rains, weather conditions in the Big Country are ripe for mosquito populations to flourish.

Aaron Vannoy with city of Abilene Animal Services told KTXS it's just a matter of time before we see more of the flying pests.

"Well I think the next few days we're going to have a lot of mosquitoes coming out of our stagnant water," Vannoy said. "Most of those species are going to be flood-water species that don't carry diseases, but they are a nuisance."

So how can you decrease the risk of mosquitoes around you and your pets?

Bug spray, specifically one that has DEET in it, is the first line of defense, Vannoy said. As for your pets, most flea and tick treatments provide some level of mosquito repellent. Keep grass around your home mowed short. Any standing water should be drained.

Those needing extra help can send a request to the city to spray their area. Currently, the city is not spraying routinely for mosquitoes since there is no current West Nile risk. The city is working on mowing high grass in areas around the city.

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