Mothers in Abilene try to break record for breastfeeding


ABILENE, Texas - Public breastfeeding is extremely controversial, but in an effort to inform people about the importance of breastfeeding, Abilene held its first ever "Latch-on" event on Saturday.

The national "Big Latch-on" event was held not only to raise awareness, but to break a Guinness World Record. The babies had to latch on to their moms for one full minute.

"I do it for the benefits of him, first off, but it also has so many health benefits for me too," said Lindi Bruno, one of the breastfeeding participants. "There's just really no reason not to."

The 34 mothers who "latched on" said they want breastfeeding to be more socially acceptable.

"We feel like breastfeeding is a very important part to bonding with baby and we want to help women have more of a freedom in Abilene to do that," Sabrina Elliott, host of the event, said.

Elliott owns Abilene Birth and Doula and said she wants to offer more information for women who are interested in breastfeeding. Her company offers lactation information, placenta encapsulation, henna art and natural birth information.

Moms said they would like to see more community acceptance too.

"I would like to see more support for nursing in public, more businesses welcoming breastfeeding moms," said Bailie Miller, another participant. "It would only bring in more business to them but also help breastfeeding moms not feel ashamed."