Pokmon Go craze hits Abilene


ABILENE, Texas - Are you playing Pokmon Go yet?

If not, you've probably heard about it by now – the game was released last week, and it's really taken off in the city of Abilene.

The line was out the door at Primetime Family Entertainment for its Pokmon Go event Tuesday night.

Inside, hundreds of people were on the hunt for Pokmon.

"It's really cool," said Brady Pair, a Pokmon trainer. "You get to go out in the real world and you know look for Pokmon, and I'm not gonna lie. I usually spend about two hours a day doing it."

"I notice a lot of the kids now, they like to stay indoors, and now kids are wanting to go out and actually go out and walk around and do things," said Johnny Escamilla, a Pokmon trainer.

"I'm running all over town finding Pokmon and items and meeting all kinds of people just like in the games," said Casey Hurt, a Pokmon trainer. "It's like everything I've ever dreamed of."

Here's how it works: you download the app, it uses geo-location to find out where you are and shows you Pokmon and pokstops in your area. The goal is to catch as many Pokmon as you can and make them stronger.

"One of the neat things, it's bringing a lot of people together people who normally don't get off their couch," said Trenton Rector, a manager at PrimeTime Family Entertainment. "People are meeting people. It's an amazing thing."

Monday night, there were dozens of people out in downtown Abilene playing the game on their phones.

TxDOT, Frontier Texas and several area police departments have put out warnings about the dangers of being glued to your phone while you're in the street or driving. We checked with Abilene police.

"These games are obviously for your enjoyment, but there's a safety measure involved in that just to make sure you're aware of your surroundings, not walking in traffic and not looking or driving and not looking," said Rick Tomlin, a spokesperson for the Abilene Police Department.

There were also some security concerns about the app at first. Google says those have since been addressed.

By the way, the CEO of Niantic Inc. -- the company behind the game -- has Big Country ties. John Hanke was born and raised in Cross Plains.