Rotenberry easily wins Republican primary for 326th District Court Judge

Paul Rotenberry

ABILENE, Texas - Paul Rotenberry avoided a runoff election for 326 th District Court Judge by getting 61 percent of the votes Tuesday.

Judge Aleta Hacker is retiring from the 326 th District Court -- and Rotenberry does not have a Democrat challenger.

KTXS stopped by Rotenberry's home as he anxiously awaited the results. He was surrounded by his closest friends and family.

Rotenberry had 60 percent of the early voting ballots before the final results were announced; however, he wanted to see the final results before celebrating.

Two other local attorneys, Claire Mehaffey and Mary Ann Fergus, ran against him. Mehaffey got 20 percent of the votes and Fergus, who had the endorsement of the Abilene Reporter-News, received 19 percent.

"Thank you to the voters, thank you to the incredible volunteers that helped," Rotenberry said. "It's really been overwhelming -- the support that we've received -- very humbling."

Rotenberry said the position is not a job to take lightly since it deals with family law and he hopes to make a difference in the lives of many.

"The job itself is daunting because the decisions that are made by this court impact families for generations," Rotenberry said.

Meanwhile, two incumbents trying to retain their seats as Taylor County commissioners also had a good night.

Incumbent Taylor County Precinct 2 Commissioner Kyle Kendrick walked away with a Republican primary win. He said he believes his "every-man" qualities helped him win this one.

Kendrick captured 61 percent of the vote, defeating former commissioner Dwayne Tucker.

Incumbent Taylor County Precinct 4 Commissioner Chuck Statler said he was humbled to have the chance to continue serving and will be back to business Wednesday.

Also in the Republican primary, Statler received 74 percent of the vote, downing challenger Ron Harris.

Statler said he will be meeting with road crews because that's what taxpayers expect of him and that's what he'll continue to do.