Sales are booming at area fireworks stands


ABILENE, Texas - It's been a busy weekend at fireworks stands across the Big Country.

A wet spring has helped sales because there are fewer restrictions on where fireworks can be set off this year.

Fireworks are on sale through midnight, July 4 th , and the people at one local fireworks stand are doing their part to help Abilene's homeless.

"One of the cool things that we're doing is were supporting Love and Care Ministries," said Caleb Smith, the co-owner of Boombah Fireworks. "So, if people bring in pounds of canned goods then they can get free fireworks and just look at that as a way to give back to support them. We really are big believers in love and care and how they support the poor and the homeless here in Abilene."

It's illegal to possess and shoot off fireworks within the Abilene city limits.

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