Sequestration could affect Dyess Air Force Base commissary customers, employees


ABILENE, Texas - Sequestration may strike again. This time, cuts may affect the place where military members and their families buy their groceries.

New reports show commissaries may close an additional day of the week if furloughs are required for civilian employees because of sequestration.

This comes at a time when the Dyess commissary is also dealing with a closure from a fire this week.

The Dyess commissary may have to close its doors on both Mondays and Tuesdays.

According to the Air Force Times, the extra closures would not likely start until the first full week of May.

Here's why these closures matter:

1. According to the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA), commissaries serve 5.3 million authorized households.

2. Commissaries save military families an average of more than 30 percent compared to civilian supermarkets.

3. DeCA employs over 16,000 workers.

Not only will closures be a headache for shoppers, but it will also cause major financial problems for some employees, to the tune of even being worried about paying their bills.

"The full timers, they would be okay, but they would still be worried," said former DeCA employee Stanley Bell. "But then you have your part timers who would pretty much be stressed out the whole time." he said.

We reached out to DeCA headquarters and they issued this statement:

"We cannot confirm at this time any specific furlough dates that have been previously reported in the press. As additional information is available, we'll communicate those specifics to all our patrons."

Bell says if closures do happen, there may be a lot of DeCA employees looking for a new job.

We talked to commissary employees at stores across the nation and they each said they had no idea when and if the closures will happen.

If they do happen, it could directly affect up to 33 employees currently working at the Dyess commissary.

Dyess Air Force is reporting that the commissary will reopen tomorrow, Thursday, at 10 a.m.

They tell us some aisles will have limited access.