Some Abilenians aren't thrilled about 3rd potential Walmart


ABILENE, Texas - Word that a third Walmart could be coming to Abilene isn't thrilling some Abilenians.

The retail giant has submitted plans to the city to build a new store on Oldham Lane off Loop 322.

"I don't really know if we need a third Walmart. We already have two really big ones," Abilene resident Mary Cronk said.

It's recently been a big debate in smaller cities like Merkel and Albany, and Abilenians share some of the same concerns.

"It's like these big companies put owner-operators, like myself, out of business," business owner Brownie Brown said.

Some say they would prefer seeing another grocery store, additional entertainment for children or a local business fill the vacant lot.

Brown said another Walmart is just unnecessary.

"It's the only city I've been in and lived in where I've seen two Walmarts, two Lowe's in a population of 117,000," Brown said. "Abilene's never going to be a Dallas-Fort Worth. Let's not try to make it. Let's leave country, country."

There is no word yet on if the potential Walmart will be a Walmart Supercenter or Walmart Express.

But Jon James, the city of Abilene's director of planning and development, said he would guess it would a Supercenter, given the size of the facility mentioned in initial plans submitted to the city.

In addition to the two current Walmart stores, Abilene also has a Sam's Club on its south side.

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