South Abilene homicide victim identified


ABILENE, Texas - A 27-year-old Abilene woman has been identified as the victim in a south Abilene homicide.

Kendra Keppler's body was found Wednesday inside a home in the 3900 block of Whittier Street.

Police say Keppler had been dead for a few days.

Keppler was a a mother of six young children and a graduate of Cooper High School.

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The Abilene Police Department said Wednesday it is investigating a homicide in the 3900 block of Whittier Street.

Sgt. Lynn Beard with APD said a female body was found inside the house and the victim had been dead for a few days. Beard said it was the victim's house.

"We have a preliminary identification on the deceased, but we'll have to wait for autopsy results for a positive identification to ensure we notify next of kin properly," Beard said.

Neighbor Paulette Livingston said she had spoke with the man who discovered the woman's body.

"He was scared, I could tell in his voice," Livingston said. "He sounded like he was 'bout to cry 'cause he was that shook up, distraught about what he seen."

Multiple police units were in the area and crime tape had been put around the scene.

Thirteen-year-old Michela Cerda, who lives near the scene, said the news of the homicide made her nervous.

"There were cops cars everywhere -- we stood on the porch and the [police] put up the tape and I started to panic," Cerda said.

KTXS asked Beard about about the condition the home was found in.

"I'm not going to comment about the specifics of that, we still have a lot of work to do to process this and we need to speak to the family before we make any comments about that kind of thing," Beard said.

KTXS will provide more updates to this case as they become available.

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