Spring breakers will crowd roads this week


ABILENE, Texas - The first day of spring is still 10 days away, but schools in Abilene celebrate this week.

TxDOT said last weekend and next weekend will be the busiest days for spring travel, but many people are enjoying their break by staying home.

"It's like 75 degrees, windy, perfect," said Abilene Christian University student Rob McCabe.

"It's not too hot, not to cold, it's like perfect weather," said high-school senior Justice Johnson.

Students of all ages are heading outside and taking advantage of some additional down time.

"I like spending family time with my little brother and my mom watching Lifetime movies and chilling with friends going to movies," Johnson said.

"Spring Break means a week off of school get caught up on assignments and hang out with my brother," McCabe said.

"Just skate. Hang out with my friends," said seventh grader Manuel Whurta.

While spring break can be a blast, it can also be devastating.

"In 2013 drunk driving wrecks increased by 23 percent over the previous year," TxDOT spokesperson Darah Waldrip said.

Waldrip said when hitting the road, the best bet is not push yourself and take breaks often.

"It's always a good idea to be well rested, especially if you're driving a long distance, so just plan your trip out," Waldrip said. "Have a great Spring Break and get back home safely so that you can do it again next year."

Before you head out of town, Tx-DOT encourages you to check your vehicle and make sure it's in good condition. Get your oil changed, tires checked and any maintenance needed taken care of before taking off.

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