Stop the Violence announces idea for memorial park in Abilene


ABILENE, Texas - A new memorial park might be coming to Abilene.

The group Stop the Violence wants to honor first responders and those who've lost their lives due to violent crime.

Group members made that announcement Wednesday afternoon at the Mission Abilene Campus at 3001 North 3 rd Street.

They said it's part of their overall mission to end violence in Abilene and the surrounding area.

"I think the city council, the administration is behind this," said Abilene City Council member Anthony Williams. "They care and love Abilene, and I think most folks love Abilene. What we're trying to do is provide an opportunity for us all to work together for a common goal of make Abilene better."

The group does not yet know when or where the memorial site would be built.

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