Tamiflu supply stretched thin, but still available in Abilene

Reality: The flu is a virus; antibiotics only help with bacterial infections. Try an antiviral like Tamiflu within the first two days of catching the virus instead.

ABILENE, Texas - During this record flu season, the supply of Tamiflu in Abilene appears to be mostly sufficient.

While the drug is widely available in capsule form, Tamiflu suspension (a flavored liquid for children) is harder to find. Despite that, the Centers for Disease Control says many pharmacies have the ability to make a liquid form of the drug from the capsules.

The low supply of the liquid form may not be due to more children needing the drug. In past flu seasons, the drug's manufacturer , Roche, made only limited supplies of the liquid.

Recently, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration expanded the approved use of Tamiflu to treat children as young as 2 weeks old, who have shown flu symptoms for two days or less.

The drug is not approved to prevent flu infection in children of this age group.

The CDC also tells parents how they can convert capsules to a liquid version for children at this link .

KTXS called the following pharmacies to see how their supply of the drug is.

As of late Monday morning:

CVS -N. Judge Ely Blvd., Capsules available, liquid not available

CVS -N. Willis St., Both capsules and liquid available

CVS -Buffalo Gap Rd., 2 boxes of capsules remaining, liquid not available

Walgreens - N. Judge Ely Blvd., Both capsules and liquid available

Walgreens- N. Willis St., Capsules and a "couple of remaining" bottled of liquid available

Walgreens- S. 14th St., Both capsules and liquid available

Walgreens- Buffalo Gap Rd., Both capsules and limited supply of liquid in stock

Walmart - Southwest Drive., Capsules available, liquid not available

Walmart- Hwy. 351., All Tamiflu currently out of stock

James McCoy's Drug Store -Antilley Rd., Capsules available, limited supply of liquid selling fast

McCoy's Drug Store - N. Judge Ely Blvd., both capsules and liquid available