Taylor Co. Expo Center renews Texas High School Rodeo contract


ABILENE, Texas - For the last 27 years the Taylor County Expo Center has played host to the Texas High School Rodeo Finals, and with a new contract that tradition will continue for the next three years.

Taylor County Expo Center General Manager Rochelle Johnson said they went head-to-head with the Waco Expo Center, but Taylor County's low price tag sealed the deal.

"Our stalls our priced a little lower than Waco's were," Johnson said. "Our RVs were priced a little lower than Waco's were. We offered more incentive money than Waco did," Johnson said.

Johnson also credits the secure environment Taylor County provides.

"Abilene is a safe place for them to let their kids come to, and they feel comfortable letting their kids drive off the grounds [and] go to different activities here in town," Johnson said.

Johnson told KTXS the finals bring in $1.3 million a year.

"That's significant [for] its hotels and motels, gas that's going to the mall, going to Primetime or the zoo," Johnson said. "There are families here that have told me that they go to the zoo every single year they come."

Johnson said to attract and keep events like this the expo center needs to undergo several updates. In November Taylor County voters consider a bond election to pay for those updates.

"I spoke with the president about our hopes to renovate the facility and what we could offer the organization if the plans come into fruition," Johnson said.

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