Taylor Co. Jail aims to fix female overcrowding with transfers


ABILENE, Texas - Taylor County Commissioners unanimously voted to transfer the county's overflow of female inmates to Nolan County.

Currently, the Taylor County Jail has 118 beds designated for female inmates. Taylor County Sheriff Ricky Bishop says the jails female population is consistently stays at 120 to 130.

When the jail was built more than 20 years ago, the Texas Commission on Jail Standards advised that 10 percent of the beds in a jail be designated for female inmates. The current standard at the Taylor County Jail is 20 percent of the beds.

Bishop told KTXS the influx in female inmates can't be pinned down to one problem.

"The female inmates are coming in on a lot more felony charges and aggravated charges than they have in the past, then they're either not able to bond out or don't want to bond and they sit their time out and go to court," Bishop said.

It will cost Taylor County $45 per day to house each inmate in the Nolan County Jail. That doesn't include transportation or medical expenses.