Teacher Tribute: Plenty of work, and even some tears, as teachers head into the summer


ABILENE, Texas - Sixteen year teaching veteran, Susan McLean, is this week's Teacher Tribute award winner.

We caught up with her the day after the last day of school. And while we may think it's the beginning of a big vacation, the reality is, plenty of work happens these next three months. "We try to take a little bit of time off, but we really do continue to work and think - our mind's always thinking about what we can do differently next year," said McLean. Mrs. McLean explains teachers have really just about a week or so of summer before they start right up again with workshops, conferences, and rebuilding their classrooms. "As soon as we get that okay we are in here, sometimes early July already trying to at least get our furniture back to where it needs to go and making plans for the next school year," said McLean. Then there's the lesson planning for that whole new group of kiddos who will fill her class in August. Kiddos who, come next May, will know what it's like to learn from one of the best. "You line them up at the end of the day to tell them good's's hard because you think about it, these are 5 and 6 year olds. And I've spent seven hours a day for about 180 days with them, so it's emotional to tell them goodbye," said Mrs. McLean. You can continue to nominate your favorite teachers for the Teacher Tribute award through the summer. Just look for the nomination form here at under the "community" tab above.

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