Texas drivers will see changes to inspection stickers


ABILENE, Texas - Starting in March 2015, Texas drivers will no longer have to display two inspection stickers on their windshields.

"You'll get your vehicle inspected like you always did, but then you will come down here and bring proof and you'll get one sticker that covers both," Jan Dukes, Taylor County tax assessor, said.

One sticker will be proof of both registration and inspection, but beginning this next March, you will have to have the inspection completed 90 days before the registration expires.

According to the Texas DMV, one of the reasons for the change is to eliminate fraudulent stickers and save the state money.

"They estimate that this change will save the state about 2.1 million dollars annually in sticker printing costs and other things," Dukes said. "Also they estimate that it will greatly reduce the number of fraudulent inspection stickers out there."

The total cost for the renewal process will remain the same, though.

"You will pay less at your inspection station but you will make up the difference when you buy your registration sticker here," Dukes said.

Since inspections will be verified electronically in March, whether you go to the tax office, grocery store or mail in your renewals, all information will be attached to your file.

If either one of your stickers expires before March, you are still required to complete the renewal process as normal.

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