Texas Tech: New School of Public Health coming to Abilene


ABILENE, Texas - Texas Tech Health Sciences Center's Abilene campus will soon have a School of Public Health.

A large crowd was on hand Monday as Tedd Mitchell, president of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, made the announcement.

The new school is expected to be completed by all of 2015 and will be built on the Texas Tech Health Center's Abilene campus next to the School of Pharmacy and School of Nursing.

Students enrolling in the new school will most likely dual major with something like nursing or pharmacy. Those students would then go on to have public jobs as a public health officer.

"A public health officer is somebody who looks for things like vaccinations for children and adults," Mitchell said. "They are the ones who people will call if there is an outbreak for example of meningitis or salmonella."

The new school is expected to be completed by the fall of 2015. Students can already start applying.

"Students can actually start applying right now and we have the program up and running," Mitchell said. "We are proctoring it through our School of Biomedical Sciences."

State Sen. Troy Fraser was also on hand at the announcement.

"This is the first one (School of Public Health) in their system," Fraser said. "They chose Abilene, Texas to put that new public school and this is the start of something I think really big."

The school was made possible by a large gift from private donors. This is the second largest gift in Texas Tech's Health Science Center's history.