Threshold camp at Abilene university teaches gifted students


ABILENE, Texas - About 400 gifted and talented students from all over the Big Country are spending this week at an Abilene university.

They're at a camp called Threshold, hosted by Hardin-Simmons University every summer. It's a way for students to continue learning during the summer, while being challenged with new concepts.

Sharlyn Bammel is teaching at the camp for her fourth summer.

"Students that are here are gifted students that come to be challenged -- to have fun at camp doing things that are going to be giving them a higher level of thinking … in a way that they might not get in their normal year at school," Bammel said.

The camp hosts students from kindergarten through 10 th grade. Each class level learns a different concept and performs experiments to reinforce the lesson. From chemistry to anthropology, even lessons about bubbles – students are provided with a safe learning environment where they're surrounded by other kids like them.

"Kids that come try to come back, they have so much fun and they learn so many things and are challenged to think," Bammel said.

The camp will be hosting its final summer session next week.

Additional information, including a link to register for the next session, can be found HERE.

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