Trial reset for couple accused of killing Abilene officer

An Abilene couple -- Phillip and Violet Walter -- was arrested during September 2015 for the murder of Abilene police officer Don Allen.

ABILENE, Texas - Philip and Violet Walter, the coupleaccused of killing Abilene police officer Don Allenin 2015, have had their trials reset for Sept. 6.

That's according to the Callahan County District Clerk's Office, which stated that neither side was ready for the trial proceedings originally scheduled for Tuesday.

The Sept. 6 date is still tentative, and the trials could be further delayed if either side requests it.

The Walters were arrested in Sept. 2015 after police found the body of Allen inside his residence in Clyde. Autopsy reports stated thatAllen was killed by strangulation.

According to court documents, the Walters may have met Allen through a Craigslist posting. They were caught after surveillance video showed them pawning items said to be taken from Allen's house.

They were both charged with first degree murder.

Violet Walter was releasedfrom jail on bond after it was reduced to $75,000 in January.Philip Walter requested a bond reductionin February, but it was denied. He remains in the Taylor County Jail.

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