United Supermarkets donates 7 tons of groceries to food bank


ABLIENE, Tx - It was a great start to the week for the Food Bank of West Central Texas Monday, after United Supermarkets donated nearly 15,000 pounds of food to the organization.

That's the equivalent of about 12,000 meals.

The gift was part of the company's yearlong celebration for its 100th anniversary. In all, United unloaded seven pallets of food.

"When you think of 14,000 pounds of food, you think, 'that's a tremendous amount,' but we can go through that in one day. So it's just a great opportunity to have one more day of getting good nutritious food on the plates of people who need it," said Jody Houston, CEO of the food bank.

The Food Bank of West Central Texas provides food to 13 different counties in the area. Last year, close to 3.7 Million pounds of food was given to needy people. According to Houston, so far this year they have given out almost two million pounds of food.

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