Update: Defense makes motion for mistrial in Abilene murder case


ABILENE, Texas - Defense attorneys motioned for a mistrial Wednesday in the case against 26-year-old Alfred James Williams, who is accused of murdering another man.

Williams was arrested in Dallas and booked into the Taylor County Jail in November 2011 after he allegedly fled the scene of an Oct. 18 shooting at Little Elm Condos in Abilene. He also faces an enhanced evading arrest charge.

Williams is charged with the murder of 22-year-old Kerion Harness.

According to witness testimony and court documents, Williams was fighting with a man over money at the complex on Oct. 17, 2011 when Harness intervened to prevent a potential shooting. Harness revisited the complex the next day and talked with the same group of people. Witnesses said Williams pulled a gun out that day and shot harness.

Witnesses also said Harness was walking toward his car when he was shot--they said they were not sure if he was going to retrieve a gun from the car.

Detectives were questioned Wednesday about a rumor that someone took what might have been a gun out of Harness's car, hiding it at the scene. Detectives said they never found a gun or anyone who would talk about the rumor.

An investigator with the police department said a two-hour taped interview with Veronica Hardeman, who dated Williams at the time, has been lost.

When making the motion for a mistrial Wednesday, defense attorneys claimed the prosecution did not tell them about the rumor before the trial and they therefore did not have time to investigate it for themselves. Judge Thomas Wheeler denied the mistrial request.

Defense attorneys argued Williams acted in self-defense the day of the shooting.

The doctor from the Tarrant County Medical Examiner's Office who performed Harness's autopsy testified Wednesday. He said Harness's body had defense wounds and that Harness was shot more than once, including in the back.