Upgrades to Abilene community center park to start this summer


ABILENE, Texas - The Alameda Community Center playground in Abilene will be taken over by the city after it undergoes an $80,000 upgrade.

The center has been raising funds for the last several years to revitalize the playground -- currently it only has two swings and a basketball goal. The city will provide the liability insurance for the park.

Brandon Scroggins grew up playing at the playground, located at the corner of S. 7th Street and Corsicana, and now he watches his children play in the same area. He said his entire family is excited about the new equipment that is coming to the playground.

"I'm somewhat ecstatic about the new equipment," Scroggins said. "It gives the kids something to do over the summer time."

Alameda Community Center Director Erica Currie has been working to make the upgrade happen for more than three years.

"This will be a great place to gather the kids," Currie said. "They already love coming here."

With the help of several non-profit organizations and businesses, the center has raised $73,000 to buy the new equipment, just a few thousand dollars shy of its goal of $80,000.

"I think this park is going to stand as a reminder of what can happen when city government and non-profits and businesses and neighbors work together," Currie said. "Look what you can do you can build a park."

Currie says they plan to start buying the new equipment within the next few weeks and hope to have the park upgrades completed by the end of summer.

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