Victim shares details about $28,000 burglary in south Abilene


ABILENE, Texas - A south Abilene family is out $28,000 worth of family heirlooms after someone broke into their home last week.

Bucky Berry spent the afternoon clearing bushes around his home in the 3200 block of College Street to make it more visible. He said the burglary happened while they were on vacation.

"[We] came home, walked through the house and noticed that drawers had been emptied out on the bed," Berry said.

Bucky said the thieves took designer purses, a Cartier watch and diamond rings.

"They came for specific jewelry it looks like," Berry said. "They left a lot of other jewelry there that they knew they didn't want, and so they knew their jewelry."

We checked with Abilene police to find out how you can avoid becoming a victim. They said first, watch what you post on social media. You might want to wait until you get home from vacation to post those vacation photos so thieves won't know when you're gone.

Police said you can also invest in a safe and bolt it to the floor or wall. They said an alarm can help deter criminals when you're away. They also urge you to take pictures of your valuables in case they are stolen.

"All diamond rings can look the same just by what you say," said Rick Tomlin with the Abilene Police Department. "So, if you take a picture of it, it speaks volumes to what that actual ring is and if we can return it to its owner."

Berry said he also plans to get to know his neighbors better so they can watch out for one another.

"In a perfect world, someone goes to jail and we get our stuff back," Berry said. "Probably not the case, but hopefully people can learn from it."

Berry thinks it might be someone he knows since they seemed to know that jewelry was there in his home.

He's hoping the public might see some of those stolen items for sale in pawn shops or online and report it to police.

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