Wylie preps for state 7 on 7 tournament that begins on Thursday


ABILENE, TX - It's that time again. 7 on 7 state football in College Station begins Thursday afternoon, and the Wylie Bulldogs are gearing up for another deep run. Last year, the Bulldogs willed their way to a spot in the semifinals after a grueling two-day stretch of play. This time around, they know what to expect, and they finally have their full team together. Wylie qualified earlier this summer, but had to catch up guys who were a part of the state championship baseball team. But after a couple scrimmages and tournaments, they're up to speed.

Now the task besides execution on Thursday, is battling Mother Nature.

"The heat is a crippling thing," said Junior Cason Grant at a practice on Tuesday. "It really gets to you, but it's more of a mental thing when you get that far because it's so hot.

Not only is it hot, but the tournament field moves quickly, with not a lot of rest, especially on the second day of elimination.

"Everybody's tired because you've already played six games through the whole tournament," said Grant.

For senior Brooks Pepper, to combat the heat, there's a strategy involved.

"You know, you've just got to drink a lot of water for one, and get other guys reps so you stay fresh," he said. "All the guys know how far we went last year, and we just want to get back there and even go one more game. We know we can do it."

Wylie begins pool play on Thursday, at 1 p.m. against Wharton.

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