YMCA encourages activity during summer months to combat childhood obesity


ABILENE, Texas - The YMCA hosted its national kick-off to summer camp event Saturday afternoon in south Abilene.

Since most kids will be about of school during the summer months, the YMCA offers the summer camp to children ages five through 12. During the camp, children are able to participate in activities designed to stimulate their minds and bodies.

To encourage children to sign up, the YMCA encouraged them to race special cars, tour firetrucks and participate in karate and cheer leading demos.

Mark Langan, the CEO of the YMCA, said he hopes to defeat childhood obesity.

"We have an obesity problem in the United States, so we want kids to be active," Langan said. "In our after-school and our day camp programs, we feature swimming, karate, zumba and dance. We keep kids active all day long, all week"