12-year-old Early girl wins national powerlifting title


EARLY, Texas - Morgan Kent, a 12-year-old from the Early, recently took first place in her age group at the national powerlifting tournament in Colorado.

Morgan has been around powerlifting her whole life according to her mother, Jennifer Kent.

"When she told us that she wanted to powerlift I wasn't surprised, but I was a little apprehensive," her mother said. "I didn't know if she was ready yet since she's only 12 years old and so we thought well we'll go ahead and let her try it out."

Because her father is a powerlifting coach for both boys and girls, Morgan has been watching the sport since she was little.

"Just growing up around it I thought I should give it a try and I liked it a lot," Morgan said.

Morgan participates in three events: Dead lift where she lifts 168 pounds, bench press where she lifts 77 pounds, and then her favorite, squats where she lifts 161 pounds.

"It was fun to meet new people, but I also kind of like beating them," Morgan said.

With the national powerlifting title, Morgan has the chance to attend the world tournament in Finland, but she will not be attending because it is in February and she will most likely out grow her weight class by then.