$300,000 donation to result in new Brownwood softball stadium


BROWNWOOD, Texas - Thanks to a very generous donation Brownwood High School's softball stadium will be rebuilt.

An anonymous donor whose daughter played softball at BHS years ago has contributed $300,000for the project.

Head softball coach Jessica Lynn said the donor wanted this to finally be done and wished to remain anonymous so it could be all about their girls and their new stadium.

"They play hard but getting to play in a state of the art facility may make them play harder," Lynn said. "They don't want to let down the person who donated this. They have confidence and want the program to grow."

This new stadium will have a new press box, concession stand, restroom areas and seat 400 to 600 people – or more than twice the number of current bleachers.

A company from Graham was hired to build the bleachers and press box, but Brownwood ISD maintenance crew will build the concession stand and restrooms.

The bleachers will also be covered so fans can still watch during bad weather andwill be wheelchair accessible with ramps and designated seating areas.

"I'm excited even for the girls too because this kind of thing will really bring out a lot of kids, and now they'll get excited, they'll know that you care about their team and their organization and so it really helps a bunch," Brownwood ISD Superintendent Reece Blincoe said.

"I think we'll see it on the field as we start building these facilities."

The current stadium will be torn down and construction on the new one will start in October. It is being scheduled to finish right before practices start in November.