Anson officer arrested in Breckenridge on assault charges

Caleb Hodges

BRECKENRIDGE, Texas - An Anson officer was arrested Saturday morning in Breckenridge.

According to authorities, 32-year-old Caleb W. Hodges has been charged with two assault charges

Breckenridge Police Chief Larry Mahan said Hodges' wife called 911 Saturday.

Police arrived to a home at the 400 block of North Parks Street and arrested Hodges. He was later booked into the Stephens County Jail and charged with assault family violence and assault.

Hodges was released the following day, Sunday June 12, on bonds totaling $5,000.

According to Maj. James Barrera with the Stephens County Jail, Hodges posted his bond the morning he was arrested, but because the victim in this crime asked for an Emergency Protective Order, Hodges was held for an additional 24 hours.

Hodges worked for the Anson Police Department for three months.

Anson Police Chief David Moore said Hodges primary duties were mainly non-law enforcement.

"Hodges was not a patrol officer," Moore said.

His official capacity with the department was as the animal control and code enforcement officer.

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