Big Spring man, dog survive tornado


BIG SPRING, Texas - The National Weather Service will survey tornado damage in Big Spring on Monday, including what's left of Blake Thomas' home located 10 miles southeast of Big Spring.

Blake said he saw the tornado from the back of the house and took off running for an interior closet.

"The walls had come in," Blake said. "I bear crawled, with my dog, to the closet."

Fearing the worst, Blake called his father and said his goodbyes.

"The floor starting coming up underneath me," Blake said. "The whole house was bouncing. I felt walls collapsing all around me."

Video he shot moments after the tornado passed overheard shows the roof ripped off.

"I don't know why I went to that closet. But that's where I went," Blake said. "I'm just, in my mind, lucky to be alive."

Blake's house was destroyed along with six vehicles.

The National Weather Service says the storm produced at least two tornadoes in the Big Spring area.