Breckenridge resident says his aunt died in overnight floods


BRECKENRIDGE, Texas - Overnight flooding in Breckenridge turned deadly.

One person was killed, and dozens had to be rescued.

Breckenridge resident John Glenn said his aunt died after her truck was swept away by high water.

"She was a good woman," Glenn said. "[She was a] nice sweet lady, loved kids."

Others lost possessions that can be replaced.

"[We lost] a brand new travel trailer, a brand new pickup," said Angie Middleton, a Breckenridge resident. "We have thousands of dollars worth of stuff in this shop that we own down over here."

Younger Breckenridge residents said they've never seen their town underwater like this.

Brian Kight remembers when Breckenridge flooded back in 1981.

"It's amazing, and it's needed, but at the same time it's so much so quickly," Kight said while looking at the rushing water.

"It's scary, but it takes a flood like this to fill up that giant hole," said Mary Kelly, a Breckenridge resident.

That giant hole Kelly referred to is Hubbard Creek Reservoir. It is now more than 81 percent full. Last year it was just 28 percent full.

Glenn said he appreciates the badly needed rain, but it came at a high price for his family.

Breckenridge ISD tells us summer school was supposed to start Tuesday, but it's been postponed until next week due to the flooding conditions there. The city issued a boil water notice Monday afternoon. They are working to restore power to the water treatment plant and bring in shipments of bottled water.

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