Brookesmith ISD fulfills state-ordered plan, TEA sanctions removed


BROOKESMITH, Texas - The Brookesmith Independent School District was on the brink of closing last year after the Texas Education Agency found "financial" and "academic" shortfalls.

But the school has turned it around.

Superintendent Guy Birdwell said the district fulfilled its state-ordered plan a year-and-a-half ahead of schedule.

"On May 20, we were released from the conservator and sanctions were taken away," Birdwell said. "And we're back to normal."

Birdwell just completed his first year as superintendent after the district's previous one retired.

The TEA required the district to implement a state conservator as part of a plan arranged to prevent Brookesmith from closing. The conservator monitored the school and enforced a comprehensive action plan, according to Birdwell.

Birdwell said the plan enforced budget and educational standards. They completed it six months after it was authorized.

"It was a two-year deal, but we completed all the stuff early," Birdwell said. "We focused on running things the way they were supposed to be run."

The release of a state conservator also frees up funds since the district had to pay for having the monitor, according to Birdwell.

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