Brown County Sheriff's Office arrests 6 in recent drug bust


BROWNWOOD, Texas - The Brown County Sheriff's Office has another meth bust under its belt. This is the third raid in two months. Why is so much drug traffic going through Brownwood to begin with?

Brown County Sheriff Bobby Grubbs says that the problem lies with repeat offenders.

"Narcotics are a problem everywhere," Grubbs said. "We've got a lot of it here and a lot of these are the same people as they bond out they start again and we go back and work on them again. It's just an ongoing deal and I guess it always will be."

In this most recent raid sheriff's officials confiscated nearly 30 grams of methamphetamine along with prescription drugs and had a total of 13 charges with 11 of them being felonies.

The six people who were arrested in the drug bust were Kyle Couch, Alex Fischer, Rachel Fortune, Kaitlyn Luckie, Sharon Shaffer and James Schlegelmilch. Shelegelmilch left also was a target in Operation Tangled Web.

"We're trying to get the word out we don't want them here," Grubbs said.

Another reason, Grubbs said, that with the highways leading from the border and also being patrolled the drug traffic gets moved towards this area.

"We'll never make is drug free. I know that," Grubbs said, "I'll tell the people of Brownwood and Brown County both that we are trying to work every breath we got on it."

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