Brownwood Police find ways to make school zones safer


BROWNWOOD, Texas - Brownwood ISD starts on Monday; that also means the yellow flashing school zone lights will turn on.

"The police officers in school zones main focus is to ensure that everyone is safe over all," Assistant Chief of Police James Fuller said.

Patrol officers will be monitoring the school zones and will be looking for people driving without a seat belt, speeding and using their cellphone in the school zone. The fine for cellphone use can be up to $200.

Fuller urged drivers not to think about it only as a low speed area. "Don't think about it as just the school zone, think about it as someone's children."

Drivers will also have to look out for school buses. When the lights are flashing and the stop sign is out, both way of traffic must stop for the loading or unloading of children.

Fuller also encourages children going back to school to pay attention to their surroundings.

"Don't be playing on your cell phone when you're walking in the road," Fuller said. "Pay attention to the vehicles because whether you have the right of way or not as a pedestrian getting hit by a car is going to hurt. You're not going to win even if you have the right of way, so be extra cautious."