City of Breckenridge on alert for flooding

Courtesy: Brant Thurmond/Breckenridge American

BRECKENRIDGE, Texas - Areas near Lake Hubbard Creek Reservoir and creeks in Breckenridge were under mandatory evacuation Tuesday afternoon. The lake received roughly six inches of rain since Thursday, causing the city to open all 12 of its floodgates.

Some residents moved their things to higher ground after even more rain began to fall on the saturated area.

Breckenridge City Manager Andy McCuiston said the city is prepared for what is likely another night of flooding.

"We're trying to be preemptive here," said McCuiston. "We're trying to let them know ahead of time and we'll try to get down into these areas and knock on doors."

According to McCuiston, the city has bottled water available for residents to pick up due to the boil water notice that was put in place after the city's water plant lost power on Monday. That can be picked up at the brick building just past the city park, McCuiston said.

Many residents went to the spillway to see the mass amount of water draining from the lake.

"We come down here to the lake all the time," said a man who was visiting from Weatherford. "This is fantastic!"

"Oh I love it," said Roger Conner, a Breckenridge resident. "We were needing it, I just hope nobody gets flooded."

With the forecast calling for several more inches of rain, Breckenridge officials want residents in surrounding areas to pay close attention to the ever-changing conditions of the creeks and rivers. City officials are going door-to-door to tell residents to evacuate, and CodeRED emergency alerts are being utilized for changes in conditions.

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