City of Breckenridge preparing for more flooding


BRECKENRIDGE, Texas - The City of Breckenridge says flood waters have started to recede, but they're concerned about more rain is on the way. City Secretary Heather Robertson-Caraway told KTXS that 410 cubic feet of water is being released every minute from Hubbard Creek Reservoir. The water drains into Hubbard Creek and eventually into Gonzales Creek which runs through Breckenridge. That combined with the threat of more rain has the city concerned. So, crews are working to prepare for the worst. Stephens County Deputy Bill Flournoy says he's working with the Salvation Army, American Red Cross and other agencies to truck in bottled water. He does not yet know when it will arrive. But bottled water is available at the city hall parking lot and the Methodist church. A boil water notice has been issued until further notice. Flournoy says they're also working to get sustained power at the city's water treatment plant. Robertson-Caraway says the city is working to get fuel trucks to Breckenridge. Because of the flooding, the city does not have access to gas for city vehicles and equipment.

Highway 180 and Highway 183 S are re-open as of 2 p.m, according to Robertson-Caraway.

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