Cline Shale: Number of job opportunities available in Snyder soars


SNYDER, Texas - In a Cline Shale oil meeting in Snyder on Thursday, Texas Workforce Commissioner Tom Pauken said a four-year university education isn't for everyone, and for the type of jobs that will come from the oil boom, we need to refocus education efforts.

"There's a tremendous number of jobs, particularly for skilled workers. That's why we've got to emphasize more careers in technical education in order to provide that skilled workforce which will be in demand out here," Pauken said.

Economic Developer Bill Lavers said those types of jobs will be plentiful.

"We're creating jobs in Texas, in Snyder, at double the state average," Lavers said.

Those jobs are in the oil fields.

"When you bring in a rig, you're talking 40 jobs on average for every rig. And before that we had 3,000 wells that break every day. We need welders, electricians, truck drivers to take the chemicals. So we had an issue even before anyone mentioned the word Cline Shale," Lavers said.

At Thursday's meeting, people spoke up about the need for workers.

"We're looking for drivers. They're hard to find," said one truck company.

Lavers said jobs are available across the board.

"From an economic standpoint, there's no better time to be in West Texas. If you want a job in whatever you want a job in, this is the place to be," he said.

If you are interested in a job, call your local workforce center.

You can also call the Workforce Center in Scurry County.

That number is: (325) 574-1739.