Clyde enjoying run to perfection, but not dwelling on it


CLYDE, TX - Two more games stand in the way between Clyde baseball and regular season perfection.

But the second-ranked Bulldogs in class 3A, don't really seem to be all up in the hype.

After Tuesday's win at Merkel, Clyde notched its 24 th consecutive win, and will finish the regular season at Coahoma Friday night, followed by the season finale at Jim Ned on Tuesday.

A shot at going 26-0 into the postseason is on the line, with Friday's contest more importantly a chance to mathematically clinch the district title. But none the less, the run to be perfect may be bringing what some say is pressure after this historic season.

Understandable. But they've handled all that with ease through the first 24 games, showing they can win both close and not -so-close ball games.

But while they protect that perfect mark these final two contests, they know there are loftier goals.

"Possibly try and make a run to Austin Texas and get down there [UIL State], but you know, like I've said, all year long, they've had a little bit of a chip on their shoulder in how we ended last year, and that's keeping them focused," said head coach Colby Rowley at Thursday's practice.

"At the end of the day, that's everyone's goal," said sophomore pitcher Payton Laughlin. But it's -- just trying not to make it a big deal of it and think about it too much. Just go out and play."