Colorado City teen Hailey Dunn not only missing person in region


SCURRY COUNTY, Texas - Authorities continue to work to identify human remains found in a remote area of Lake J.B. Thomas.

Many wondered if it could be a break in the case of missing Colorado City teen Hailey Dunn. Right now, authorities aren't saying. In fact, they still have not released the gender or age and said the body was badly decomposed.

Who could it be?

We checked with the Department of Public Safety for counties near where the body was found.

They said only active cases that have been reported by loved ones or authorities are listed. We looked through Scurry, Mitchell, Howard, Nolan, Fisher and Lubbock counties and found four missing persons after 2000.

In Scurry County, where remains were found last week, there are no active missing persons cases.

William Bynum, 40, disappeared from Big Spring in 2003. He was seen leaving a bar with another man and was never heard from again.

In 2004, 26-year-old Jennifer Wilkerson was reported missing from Lubbock. Her boyfriend was the last person to see her. He said she was going to drive home and then to her job, but she never arrived at work.

The nationally known Hailey Dunn case began in 2010. Then 13-year-old Hailey was last seen at her Colorado City home by her mom's boyfriend. He says she left for her father's house and never made it there.

The most recent case was last year in Lubbock. Mark Ysasanga, 15, packed a bag and went to his friend's house. He was last seen there at 2 a.m.

If you have information about any of these cases please call the police.

You can visit the missing persons database here.