Comanche elementary students celebrate with new dinosaur statue


COMANCHE, Texas - A ribbon-cutting event took place Wednesday at Comanche City Park to welcome its long-awaited dinosaur statue.

Comanche Elementary School students raised $3,500 in two weeks to obtain the statue. Jennifer Hunt's first-grade class raised the most money, $233.

"It got a little competitive to see who had the most," Hunt said. "They brought it in, just bags of money, mainly pennies, dimes, and quarters."

Her class also won the right to name the dinosaur and give it a gender. They decided to call her Tracy.

Hayden Davis, one of the students in Hunt's winning class, voted for Tracy, but he said he's not sure how they came up with the name.

All of the students arrived in buses at 10 a.m. to see the dinosaur.

"We worked together as a school, and earned enough money to purchase this cool piece for our park," said Hunter Hutchins, a third-grade student. "We learned that working together helps get big jobs done."

A major flood in Comanche County in the 1920s led Southern Methodist University researchers to discover the most extensive dinosaur collection in the state of Texas.

Teachers said they plan to incorporate the dinosaur statue of a Theropod into their curriculum.

"The children were very excited about doing it," said Melody Schulte, a third-grade teacher. "I know my class constantly wanted me to count the change. I said, ‘Boys and girls, we can't count it every day.'"

Hunt's first-grade class was also thrown a popcorn party Wednesday afternoon for raising the most money.

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