De Leon council members, police chief rescind resignations


DE LEON, Texas - Nearly everything has returned to normal in De Leon.

After a week of tumultuous activity following the resignations of multiple city officials and the town's entire police department, a meeting called by De Leon Mayor Jim Adams cleared the air and saw the majority of the involved parties return to their positions.

Last week, three council members, the city secretary, and the members of the police department resigned due to Adams' alleged interference with a shoplifting investigation.

Adams scheduled the council meeting Monday with the hope of moving on and getting back to work.

All of the city staff who resigned, with the exception of city secretary Karen Wilkerson and city council member Lee Childers, announced that they would be returning to their positions Monday.

Police Chief Ben Rowell said he would submit the meeting's minutes to the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement and he expected officers to get back to work soon.

The city will work to fill Wilkerson's and Childers' seats.

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