Dry weather to blame for several grass fires in Coleman County


COLEMAN COUNTY, Texas - Dry weather sparked several grass fires across Coleman County on Friday.

Fire officials said they spent the day battling three fires. Two were on U.S. Highway 283 near Lake Coleman, and the other one was further south on U.S. Highway 67.

About a dozen trucks were needed to put out the flames, according to the Lake Coleman Volunteer Fire Dept.

Coleman Fire Marshal Jimmy Watson said they had to close Highway 67 for about 15 minutes because of smoke.

"Humidity is starting to drop and that humidity is drying the grass," said Lake Coleman Fire Department Chief Randy Teague. "Even though we had that rain a few weeks ago, this grass will light very, very easily."

He said about 30 acres of grass burned, but no structures were damaged. He plans to speak with Coleman County commissioners about considering a burn ban if the dry weather continues.

"It's becoming more and more frequent and as the temperature rises to the 90s and 100s, this will get worse," Teague said.

He said sparks from a chain being dragged by a pickup truck caused the two grass fires on Highway 283.

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