Embattled De Leon mayor calls meeting in wake of resignations

De Leon Mayor Jim Adams

DE LEON, Texas - The embattled mayor of De Leon has called a council meeting Monday aimed at moving the Comanche County town of 2,200 forward in the wake of last week's resignations of its entire police department, three council members and its city secretary.

The meeting is set for 6 p.m. in the City Council Room at De Leon City Hall, 125 S. Texas St.

"Everybody needs to move forward and put their grievances behind them," Mayor Jim Adams told KTXS. "I have my faults just like everyone else. I try to not to hold grudges."

In addition to the resignations, the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement advised the De Leon Police Department to "separate" the officers from the department.

The council had attempted to remove Adams, who was recently elected, following his decision to get involved in a theft incident.

Adams said Monday morning he hopes to convince the three council members that resigned last Monday – Michael Reyna, Lee Childers and Ron Johnson – to rejoin.

In an agenda posted on the city of De Leon's Facebook page, one of the items states "contacting Governor Abbott to request permission to hold an emergency special election prior to the uniform election date of November 8, 2016."

Adams, however, said that item will be null and void if the council members take back their seats.

Meanwhile, Adams said he won't be giving up his seat as mayor following repeated attempts to remove him by the council. The city secretary doesn't have plans to return to the administration.

The agenda also states that at the meeting they'll be discussing the status of the police department.

Adams said he's been following the advice of De Leon's city attorney who works at a private Abilene law firm.

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