Evacuation notice issued for low-lying residents in Stephens Co.


The city of Breckenridge has issued a mandatory evacuation notice for residents living in low-lying areas due to flood danger.

City of Breckenridge Secretary Heather Roberston-Caraway told KTXS that runoff from recent rains and the Lake Hubbard Creek Reservoir backing up the Gunsolus Creek posed a threat to residents with houses in the area as water levels continue to rise.

Evacuees are advised to go to higher ground.

The Lake Hubbard Creek Reservoir received six inches of rain since Thursday.

Three months ago, the lake was at 45 percent capacity. As of Tuesday, the lake was full and flowing over the spillway. Texas Water Development Board Records show that Lake Hubbard Creek Reservoir hasn't been over capacity since the late ‘90s.

KTXS will update this article as more information is available.

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