Families upset after Ranger cemetery vandalized

Some of the headstones that were vandalized and broken.

RANGER, Texas - More than 25 percent of graves at Merriman Cemetery were vandalized sometime between Friday and Sunday evening.Family members found the damage Sunday while visiting their loved ones.

Word spread quickly about the vandalism – and many family members were at the cemetery Monday surveying the damages to headstones and graves.

Rita Henson had damage to her nephew's headstone. The angel emblem was completely taken off.

"It was hard when we had to put him here, and it's really heard to come back and see that kind of damage. It's so uncalled for," Henson said.

In addition to the broken headstones, there were broken flower pots and sentimental objects stolen – objects that can't be replaced.

"They took things and broke things that might not have meant something to anybody else, but just as for my son, there were things on there that his little 2- and 4-year-old kids put on there that meant something to them. They busted pretty much everything on there," Rhonda Watson said.

Watson's son's grave was damaged and quite a few objects were stolen that can never be replaced.

Deputies said they do not have any suspects, but if you have any information, you can contact the Eastland County Sheriff's Department.