Fisher Co. man says he was unjustly stunned, sheriff disputes claim


FISHER COUNTY, Texas - A Fisher County man says he was unjustly stunned by a sheriff's deputy after he called for assistance, a claim disputed by Fisher County Sheriff J.A. Robinson.

Video of the incident was caught on camera by a witness, and several people reached out to KTXS to get answers about what happened on the night of March 11.

(VIDEO: Fisher County deputy uses stun gun on man following domestic abuse call. WARNING: Explicit language throughout)

Geoffrey Deal, 38, told KTXS that he and his wife had been arguing, and during the argument, his stepson pulled out a firearm.

Deal said he pushed his wife out of the way and swatted at the gun, then ran to his truck and drove to his mother's house nearby.

"That's when he shot at my car and I called 911," Deal said.

When Fisher and Nolan County deputies arrived, Deal said they requested him to come down from his mother's porch and go back to his house to make his statements.

Deal said when he refused to leave the porch, Fisher County deputy T.L. Shelton walked away and returned with a stun gun. He then fired it at Deal and hit him in the chest.

Deputies then moved in and restrained Deal before arresting him.

"They handled it wrong," Deal said. "Not all cops are bad, but the ones that were here that night were kind of crappy – I'm a little pissed off about it all."

Deal said he doesn't want Shelton to continue his job with the sheriff's office.

However, Robinson -- the Fisher County sheriff -- told KTXS a different version of what happened that night.

According to Robinson, the first 911 call came from Deal's wife, nine minutes before Deal called.

"It was a call about a family abuse situation, the report was that Deal had struck her and both of the children," Robinson said.

Robinson said Deal was asked several times to step off of the porch, not to go back to the home. He said deal was told to make his statement in front of a patrol unit so it could be recorded on dash cam.

The sheriff said he backs Shelton's decision to use a stun gun.

"I don't feel that there was excessive force used on Mr. Deal," Robinson said. "He just refused to cooperate -- he was given the opportunity to come down off the porch and talk to officers and he refused."

No disciplinary action has been taken against Shelton.

Deal was charged with resisting arrest and three counts of family violence. He was released from jail on bond about two days later.

Meanwhile, Deal's friend Kristie Pierce -- who recorded the incident on her cell phone and uploaded it to a social media website -- said Shelton came after her when Shelton noticed the recording.

"Shelton shoved me and took my phone away after that he slammed it on the corner of the porch, I think to break it," Pierce said.

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