Frazier gets the call as Hawley adjusts without Quay Stokes


HAWLEY, Texas - It's a coach and player's worst nightmare. An injury to a key member of the team in the first game of the season. That kind of adversity sets the tone for your season, and for Hawley - that's exactly what happened.

The task now - find a way through that adversity, as the Bearcats suffered a big blow last Friday when quarterback Quay Stokes, starting his fourth and final season, would suffer a broken ankle in the win over Munday.

"You know, he never left the game." Said head coach Mitch Ables on Wednesday. "He got hurt in the first quarter and he's just such a tough kid that he kept playing and we didn't know anything really until Saturday."

The senior showed courage and poise before seeking medical attention, and thus having to endure surgery over the weekend. So now, the man who's led Hawley for nearly four years, will be sidelined with no immediate timetable for his return.

"Knowing that he's not going to be there with us on Friday night's is kind of - kind of sad," said senior Dylan Frazier.

And that's the name called by the coaching staff to take his place. Frazier, the senior WR/TE who hasn't played QB since middle school, will fill the void as QB1. And although it's been a while, he's got experience - and knows by playing with a guy like Quay, what attributes he needs.

"He [Quay] just always is hustling and he always knows what to do," said Frazier. "He probably is the biggest leader we ever had here. I just hope to keep that going. I don't want to let my team down." And so this week, the prep for a Bangs team on Friday is second to making sure Frazier is adjusted, and keeping the Bearcat ship pointed in the right direction.

"They told me to just not be nervous - which is the main thing, and to play how you know you can and we'll come out on top," said Frazier.

"Dylan has really stepped up to the plate," added coach Ables. "He knows what we're trying to do and accomplish. He's a good kid and a good player - having been on varsity for a few years playing receiver and some back -up QB, so he'll do well for us."

But from now, until he returns, this season will continue on for Hawley with their leader in mind.

"Quay will be in our hearts every Friday night until he gets back and we'll be playing for him. He'll always have a spot when we're out here on the field," said Frazier.

Hawley will travel to Bangs this week with kickoff set for 7:30 p.m. on Friday.