Hamlin family watches tornado form near Big Spring


BIG SPRING, Texas - A Hamlin family watched a tornado form right in front of them Sunday and sent KTXS some amazing video.

We talked to them by phone to find out the story behind the video.

In the video you can hear Abraham Gonzalez's 10-year-old daughter as she is ready to flee and as the tornado formed in front of them at about 6:45 p.m. Sunday. PHOTOS --}

Gonzales, his daughter and his wife were on their way back to Hamlin from a softball tournament in Midland on Interstate 20 between Big Spring and Stanton when high winds and hail forced them to pull over and take cover under an overpass.

About half way through the video you can hear Gonzales take a call from a friend warning them about the weather.

Gonzales said it started as just a low cloud that looked like smoke at first and then that funnel formed. Gonzales said he was more excited than scared.

They watched the tornado for about 10 minutes before they said it disappeared.

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