Lake Leon resident 'not going anywhere' despite flooding


EASTLAND COUNTY, Texas - You won't find Harley Boulevard on a map -- that's what the locals living on Lake Leon call County Road 597 -- but if you take a quick drive down it, you'll find Lone Lane, where one resident plans to stay, no matter what.

Vernon Lone, 75, has lived on Lake Leon in Eastland for more than a decade. He's all alone except for his trusty sidekick, Vernet the cat.

"I'm not going anywhere," Lone said. "I'm just going to sit right here and enjoy it while I can."

The pair woke up Wednesday to a wet floor and a flooded back porch after the lake rose nearly two feet in 24 hours.

But as Lone put it himself, "Come hell or high water, I'm never leaving home."

Lone continues to live on Lake Leon despite the floods for one reason: "The peace and quiet," Lone said. "It's always quiet."

There wasn't a lot of damage to Lone's house, and he said he has seen worse. In 2007, Lone and his wife Nancy went through a historic flood that brought five feet of water into their home.

Wednesday, his wife was not there to help clean the damage from this year's flood -- she passed away a year ago. She is resting at the Staff Cemetery, less than a mile away from their home.

Vernon rescued pictures and items from the flood that serve as a reminder of memories from his 75 years of life.

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