Man leads Coleman police to drug stash at motel, is arrested


COLEMAN, Texas - What started as a call for a fake identification card ended with a methamphetamine bust after a Dallas man admitted to having drugs and then led officers to find them Monday in Coleman.

Coleman police got the call about the possible use of a fake ID and found the vehicle that was described in the call. Officers pulled the vehicle over and talked with the people inside, but they found that nobody had a fake ID.

However, the officers did notice one of the passengers was visibly nervous.

The officers asked if there were any drugs inside the car, and the passenger said there wasn't, but he followed that statement with a comment that they did have marijuana in a motel room, according to a statement by the Coleman Police Department.

The people in the vehicle agreed to let the officers follow them to the motel room and consented to a search.

According to the statement, police found methamphetamine, scales, and multiple plastic bags.

Police placed 23-year-old Alberto Lopez under arrest for first-degree felony manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance more than four grams, but less than 200 grams.

It is unclear at this time if Lopez was the driver of the vehicle.

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